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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Our goal from work online is to make a quantum leap in various fields, and privacy is an important part of these areas, and we at stgty, the privacy of our valued visitors is very important to us.

That is why you will find on this page all the terms and explanations related to the types of data that are collected and kept, methods of use, and protection.

 First, what information about you is collected and how do we collect it

    On the work online site, we collect several information about all our visitors, such as browser type, “IP” addresses, times and dates of using the work online site, as well as the number of clicks on the site to determine the topics and articles you are most interested in. Other personal information can be collected such as your name and phone number. Your or e-mail. This contributes to the development and improvement of the site for all work online visitors.

In terms of protecting your personal information

    Protection on the work online site Protection is extremely important and therefore we have taken several preventive measures to protect your personal information from any potential danger. And we have signed professional contracts with several companies specialized in the field of protection. In addition, our site contains all the highest quality security certificates such as (SSL).

Information provided to us by you

    You can use and benefit from all the services available on the work online website without the need to personally identify you  If you encounter any problem with the site and decide to contact us, the site has the right to ask you for some necessary personal information to identify you and to provide assistance and the ability to help you. Your information will be fully protected and will not be misused by us. Our goal with this information is to improve the quality of services. Provided by us.

Transfer and copyright of the “stgty” website

    All content on the site is exclusive and unique content, and the work online team is making tremendous efforts to provide this content all rights are reserved and subject to a strict policy. It is not allowed in any form to transfer, quote or reformulate our topics.

Cookies and network settings:

    Google  adopts cookie technology to store data related to the interests and trends of our site visitors, and with this step, our site can know the extent of the interests that our visitors want and which topics are popular and important to our site visitors to work on developing the quality of the content that we provide to our esteemed visitors.

    In addition to that, some companies that publish their ads on our site  work online may look at cookies and network settings and return information regarding our geographical location and our visitors, and among these companies are  Google  and the advertising company  Google AdSense , which is the number one company on our site.

Of course, such advertisers are considered the third party in our privacy policy, as they follow such information and statistics to improve the quality of their ads and the extent of interaction of site visitors with ads.

work online website cannot access or control these files, even after you allow and activate them to take them from your computer (cookies), and in the event of any problem or use in violation of agreements from various companies, our site is not responsible in any way for the illegal use of bytes And we grew up that this never happened.

    And on the other hand.. my commitment to our dear visitors by show you how to disable or turn off the cookie feature so that you can easily do this through your browser, or through the  privacy policy of Google ads  and the content network.

Children's privacy

    The site “stgty” is suitable for all age groups and we do not target a specific group or age group of the audience, it is our humanitarian duty to advise not to leave children under the age of 12 years without supervision and family guidance.


    When you browse the “stgty” site you agree to our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of our site. You are obligated to follow it, and we invite you to review it every instinct because it is subject to modification whenever necessary. If you have any inquiries or additional questions, you can contact us on the " Contact Us " page or through the  social media  available on the site.